Alberta's Clean Tech Ventures



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About this map

ACTia partnered with the Alberta New Energy Economy map developers to create an interactive geographic display of Clean Tech Ventures across Alberta based on headquarter addresses. Featured ventures participated in a clean tech survey undertaken by ACTia and MaRS Data Catalyst in Fall 2018 and did not opt out of sharing their information in this format. Learn more: Alberta Clean Technology Sector Report 2019.

This map highlights the geographical reach and distribution of jobs and economic opportunity by Alberta’s clean technology ventures. Use this map to learn more about the wide array of clean technologies being developed by Alberta’s entrepreneurs and innovators.

This map was produced by the Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance (ACTia), with support from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and from our member organizations. All questions regarding this map can be directed to


Biochar: Charcoal-like material that is made from burning organic materials from agricultural and forestry waste.

Biofuel: Fuel derived from plant or animal based waste products.

Biomass: Organic materials from agricultural and forestry waste.

Bioprocessing / bioreaction : Use of living organisms (yeast, bacteria, or animal cells) under controlled conditions at scale to undertake processes that convert raw materials into industrial products including materials, chemicals and fuels, such as e.g. the conversion of corn into ethanol using yeast.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Process to capture carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) from waste streams or ambient air, and to deposit it permanently underground, in the deep sea or in long-lived materials, such that it will not return to the atmosphere in human lifetimes.

Energy Efficiency: Using less energy to perform the same task.

Geothermal: Useful heat recovered from subterranean sources.

Waste Heat : Heat that is produced as a byproduct of industrial activities and otherwise lost to productive use.